VAM dB - Life Insurance CRM

VAM dB is the best life insurance crm available! A completely customizable crm solution for all types of insurance. What you can imagine, we can do. VAM dB keeps track of a wealth of lead, client and policy data, and will become the central point of your office. Extensive reports built for insurance agents, unlike any other product available shows you where everyone is at and how long they have been there. The reports also detail what is making you money and what isn't. Track all agents or users in your office, assigning leads and monitoring production.

VAM dB gives you more of the most valuable commodity in your business, time. It automates all contacts with leads and clients at times you can determine. Never write standard emails or letters again! Batch print letters for a day or week, or do them individually. Also we can set macros throughout the database so you can accomplish multiple tasks with just one click of the mouse. VAM dB is just $49.95 a month for 1-3 users, if you have more than 3 users it is $20 a month per user.

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