Insurance CRM

VAM dB offers 3 versions of insurance CRM software for insurance agents and agencies. View a comparison of all crm's.


VAM dB Free

VAM dB FREE is a basic insurance CRM solution at... no cost! Designed originally for life insurance agents, it now works with all types of insurance. VAM dB Free is a single user system for up to 500 leads and clients. No long term commitment, no cost, what could be better? You can track prospects and clients throughout the sales process and beyond. Access through a secure website from the office, home or while traveling. Learn More


VAM dB CRM is a maximum 2 user insurance crm solution designed for all lines of insurance. No limit to the number of leads and clients you can enter. Get additional features such as automated emails, document storage, follow up alerts, more reports and options. Add Phone and Text Message integration to your account. Learn More


VAM dB is our full feature insurance CRM solution and is completely customizable. With VAM dB - what you can imagine, we can do! VAM dB will be the center point of your office, run life insurance quotes, paramed exam ordering, sales tracking, extensive reporting, commission tracking and much more. Add Phone and SMS Text Message integration to your account to improve customer communications. Designed specifically for insurance agents it will help save you time and money, get you better organized, all making you more profitable! VAM dB gives you more of the most valuable commodity in your business, time. It automates all contacts with leads and clients at times you can determine. Never write standard emails or letters again! We can create customized macros throughout the CRM so you can accomplish multiple tasks with just one click of the mouse. Learn More

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What Do I Need to Do?

VAM dB helps quickly and easily answer this question. Today's leads & any that haven't been worked yet from previous days are the first thing you see. Also follows for that day and those past due. Keep follow ups on all leads and clients and this one screen will always tell you what needs to be done!