Best Insurance CRM

What is the best insurance crm? What should the best insurance crm have?

First the best insurance crm should have a free insurance crm option. Second it should be able to track all types of insurance. Maybe most important it should not be a one size fits all product, rather it should be completely customizable. No agent or agency is the same. The best insurance crm should be built specifically for insurance, not a general use crm with the ability for you to create custom fields. It should be designed for insurance with all the necessary fields and reports. Then rather than make you customize new fields and reports, you should spend your time on sales while customer support builds what you need using their experiences to make your requests better. Even better those customizations should be done fast and at little to no cost.

The best insurance crm should integrate with the top online insurance lead providers and forms on your website so you don't have to waste time entering the leads. It should track leads and the sales process with workflows and reports to make sure no lead is ever lost or forgotten. Track notes and follow ups on your calendar. The best insurance crm should be able to make and receive calls and text messages right in the lead or client's record. Send manually or pre-written template emails and the ability to automate those emails in marketing campaigns or drip marketing.

The best insurance crm should make administrators job easier with extensive reports to determine profitability. Reports on agents, csr's, carriers, lead sources and more. Both summary and detailed reports to drill down into the numbers and find where you are making money and areas to improve. Enter and track commissions with detailed reports.

Oh, did we mention customer support? Of course the best insurance crm should provide the best customer support possible. Attention to detail, experience with insurance agents and the insurance sales process.

With VAM dB you get the the best insurance crm available. We have worked with agents and agencies both large and small for over 20 years. We take an old school approach to service and support. With decades of experience we work with customers to make sure they get the most out of their insurance crm. Listening to your needs and offering ideas and suggestions to help make your office more successful. It starts with a free account, signup below for free or give us a call, (888) 842-3242, and see how we can help.

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