Agent Licensing & Appointments

VAM dB tracks each agent's production and work. Any level of monitoring is available to make sure all leads are worked to levels you select. Compare agent's numbers throughout the sales process and beyond. See which leads they are working best and where their strengths are. VAM dB supports any number of agents, they can be in your office or in offices throughout the country. With VAM dB they will all have access to the database in real-time making each office more effective and able to stay current with each other. Produce weekly or monthly sales reports for your office. Track cases with multiple agents and their split levels. Agents can be restricted to see only cases assigned to them and reports and pages you choose.

VAM dB can help you keep track of all licenses in your office. With expiration dates, it can warn you of upcoming licenses that require renewing. This provides a central place where information can quickly and easily be pulled if needed. The licensing module can also be tied to assigning leads only to states where agents are licensed.