Paramed Exams

With VAM dB you can quickly order paramed exams with APPS and Exam One (Superior Mobile Medics) from a lead or client's record with a click or two of the mouse. Client data is merged into the order form saving you time. Add any comments or a time of the exam and order. Status updates will be sent back to VAM dB so you never need to leave the database to find out the status. Also the completed exams are also imaged back to VAM dB and the client record. Updates available in each client's record and summary reports to view all exams.

Online Scheduling

Paramed Exams, Portamedic

View the availability of examiners in green and schedule a live exam at a time convenient to your client to save time and hassle of scheduling.

Know that the exam is scheduled right away and help to ensure your case doesn't get delayed. You can even send a completed application along for signatures. The completed exam will be imaged back into the client record when completed.