Insurance Sales Tracking

How can VAM dB help you make more money than it will ever cost? One way is to help you define where you are making money and where you may be losing money. VAM dB allows you to track each lead and source of leads through the sales process in the database in incredible detail. You can easily generate percentage, premium, profit based reports on any lead source, insurance company, agent or general agent. You can even track cases with assistants or different departments. Each date in the sales process is logged so you can quickly see right where each case is at.

Sales is an emotional process. You get new leads in and they look great on paper and they are answering on the first or second call. These must be the best leads you have ever work (ever said that to yourself?). Six to twelve months from now the money should be pouring in right? No, well what happened? With VAM dB we take the emotion out and track the cases. See how many are returning their applications, and how fast. Track the insurance companies and general agents, which are approving the most cases and how long is it taking. Six months or a year later which leads actually produced the most profit? With VAM dB it is a click of the mouse to the answer and much more! Spend your money on the best leads and make sure you are sending the cases to the best companies to make sure you get the most out of your resources.

For agencies using reports to find the strengths and weakness of each agent is vital. Make sure the lead distribution is optimized to send leads that the agent has the best shot at selling the policy. Use the reports to find out who works younger or older people better, who places the highest percentage or smokers, high premium cases, males or females and much more. These little things can greatly increase the profitability not only of the agencies, but may make the difference in an agent making it or not if you can find the right leads for them. See how many leads each agent is currently working to find who has too much on their plate and who needs more. Moving cases or assigning leads differently can help increase sales percentages.
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