Extensive Reporting for Insurance Agents

VAM dB has many reports ready to analyze and track each portion of your insurance business. It can help you make sure you dotted the i's and crossed the t's. Whether you want to see a production report, monitor your lead sources, compare agent's sales, a summary of all business, a list of clients or leads, or graphs to show you the business... VAM dB has you covered. One of the biggest advantages to VAM dB is if it isn't pre-designed we can quickly and easily customize a report to be exactly what you need. Want to see every application that is outstanding over 10 days? Maybe every application in underwriting over 45 days? How about every past due commission check? Would a projected commission or business report help you better plan for your office? These and well over a hundred more reports and graphs are standard in VAM dB.

Have custom reports quickly and easily built for you. Reports can also be automated to send to managers or departments saving time if certain reports are run at the same time each week or month. At VAM dB we will handle all the design and let you focus on selling. Best of all many times there is no cost for these customizations. We are here to help and make sure you are getting the most out of VAM dB.