Automated Emails

Drip Marketing, Link Tracking & Analytics

What is the most valuable resource of any insurance agent? Time. VAM dB gives you the 25th hour of the day, the 8th day of the week. What if you could automate many of the daily tasks you and those in your office must do every day?

With VAM dB you can automate emails to leads, clients and former prospects. Call them auto responders, automated emails or drip marketing, the point is you don't need to be spending your time on them as opposed to selling. Make sure everyone gets a birthday email, better yet send one email for clients, another to current cases and yet another one to those you spoke with before but didn't purchase insurance from you so the body of the email is unique.

With the automated emails you can also send reminders for applications that haven't been returned, stay in touch during underwriting so they know you are still on top of the case, yearly policy reviews, try to turn old leads into new sales and much much more. Drip marketing is a must for all insurance agents!

You can setup as many template emails as you need for use manually or in the automated emails. Setup campaigns for emails to be sent. With Campaign Tracking VAM dB tracks the emails that are opened, bounce, are reporte as spam, request to unsubscribe and can track the links clicked in these emails. See which emails were opened and when. Track opens by each template to see which is most effective and remove templates that are not being seen.

With VAM dB Email Link Tracking you can also track who clicks on links in your emails and even trigger automation off these clicks. Get an email alert when a link is clicked, or have them added or removed from a Group or Tag, add them into a new email campaign, update their status and more.