Campaign Tracking

VAM dB has the ability to automate functions for leads and clients such as sending emails, adding or removing them from a Group/Tag, changing their status or interest level. Each of these automated functions can belong to a campaign. For example you could have a campaign for new leads that are entered into your account. The automation may include sending a welcome email and changing the status to new immediately. You could send additional emails over the first few days, add them to a group based on the source of a lead and after a certain period of time change the status to closed and enter them into another Group called 'Never Contacted'. The group Never Contacted could then trigger another campaign of emails over the next few months. If the lead was marked as open it would stop the campaign at that point.

VAM dB tracks the emails that are opened, bounce, are reporte as spam, request to unsubscribe and can track the links clicked in these emails. You can track and monitor the results day, template, campaign and more. See all emails in the campaign and which ones are being opened more often. You can use this to alter the emails to get the best results, increase your open rate and improve sales.

In a lead or client's record you can see the automation and view by campaign to see which steps have been completed so far. In the full version of VAM dB you can have an unlimited number of campaign throughout the sales process and more and one campaign can lead to another.