Email Click Tracking

Using VAM dB you can create custom links to place in your template emails to track who clicks on links in your emails. Combined with the tracking of emails opened this further allows you to see what leads and client do with the emails you send. Then when a user clicks on a link in your email, we record the client, the email and template that was sent, whether it was an automated email or manually sent email and if it was automated, which campaign was it part of and the user is sent to the website you entered for that link. You can have an email sent to the person who sent the email alerting them when someone clicks on a link in your email. You may not want this on all links but for certain call to action links it may be helpful to know when someone is on your site.

It can also add them to a Group you set up. You may have different pages on your website for different health conditions and how that may affect their application for life insurance. If they click on a link for "Info on how Diabetes will affect their application", you could have them added to a Group called "Web Link Diabetes" to track and group what they did. The same can apply to different types of insurance or other products or services you may offer.

You can also have them Removed from a Group. So for example you may have an automated email campaign sent to those entered in a "Learn more about Annuities" Group and you could create a link to have them removed from that group, thereby removing them from just that automated email campaign, but not have them opt out of receiving all emails from you.

When a lead or client clicks a link, that can also trigger other automated emails, change the lead status or interest level. So you could have an email campaign for old leads that did not purchase and ask if they want to have their file re-opened and have a quote sent to them. A custom link could change the status from closed to open, send an email to the person who sent the email (in this case the agent that was assigned) and have them have them added to a Group call "Requested to Re-open" so you can track them via the group as well. The possibilities are endless as is the reporting, tracking and analytics for emails, links clicked, campaigns and more.