Insurance Sales & Marketing Automation

What is the most valuable resource of any salesman? Time. VAM dB gives you the 25th hour of the day, the 8th day of the week. What if you could automate many of the daily tasks you and those in your office must do every day. Never worry about losing your data again. Whether you like to work from home, the road, or have multiple offices with VAM dB you can always have the most current data available to everyone.

With VAM dB you can automate many functions. Whether it be birthday emails, application reminders, checking on the status of exams and requirements, moving a case from one department t another in your office without pulling a file, sending weekly files to agents or admin staff, creating follow ups, monitor agents or leads to make sure they are being worked, VAM dB can help to you to quickly and efficiently manage your business!

Design scripts for sales calls, office workflow for the sales process. VAM dB backs up your data each day saving you time and giving you the security of not worrying about your computer crashing, fires or floods.