Integrated Phone & SMS Text Messaging

VAM dB offers a phone solution allowing you to purchase one or multiple phone numbers. Using these numbers you can send text messages from within VAM dB to a lead or client's cell phone and responses from them will come back into VAM dB and the client record. With these phone numbers you can click in the client record to make outbound calls to the client. You can make and receive calls in the browser, or first place a call to an existing phone number of yours, upon answering, the call to the client will then be made. When a client calls this new number, the call will be forwarded to a number you determine in VAM dB or answered in the browser.

You can use Keywords in text messages to trigger an auto reply. For example you could have an ad that says: Text QUOTE to Your_Number to receive a free quote. The auto reply could send them to your web site to generate a quote or ask them for some basic info to be able to run a quote for them. You can also automate text messages to clients throughout the sales process and beyond.

All calls and texts, both incoming and outgoing, will be stored in your VAM dB account and available in the client record and general reports. This will allow you to easily keep all communication records right in VAM dB. See who was called, when and the duration of each call. From the calls tab in the client record you will be able to add a note to enter details of the conversation. This will then be available from the Calls tab as well as in the list of notes on the Notes tab and in the Activities.

With our Integrated Lead Providers you can also have calls made to the agent assigned as new leads are sent into your VAM dB account so you are connecting with the new lead as soon as it is added. The agent will receive a call and be able to connect to the lead, decline the call or schedule a call back for 30 minutes. Follow ups in a client record can also trigger a call out to the user assigned to the follow up. So if you have a call scheduled at 3pm with a client you can have VAM dB call you at 3pm and then connect the call to the client for you. Never miss an important call again!