VAM dB Product Comparison

Features VAM dB Free VAM dB CRM VAM dB
Monthly Cost FREE $24.95 per month 1-3 users $49.95/mth.
More than 3 users
$20 per user per month
Max # of Users 1 2 Unlimited
Support N/A Email Phone & Email
SSL Security Yes Yes Yes
User Permissions Control     Yes
Lead/Client Limit 500 None None
Document Storage None 500M 2G
Additional Storage N/A $ $
Phone & Text Integration (Learn More) N/A $ $
Follow Ups / Calendars Basic Follow Ups Standard Advanced
Follow Up Alerts   Yes Yes
Automated Emails (Learn More)   Yes Yes
Number of Templates 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Batch Print Letters and Labels   Yes Yes
Reports Limited Basic Full
Customizations (Learn More) N/A N/A $ *
Groups   Yes Yes
Document Storage in Lead/Client Files (Learn More)   Yes Yes
Additional Reference Data for Leads/Clients   Yes Yes
Save Mapping for Import Files   Yes Yes
Agent License Tracking   Yes Yes
Quotes for your website (Learn More)   $99 a year ** $99 a year **
Agent Appointment Tracking     Yes
Link to for Quotes     Yes
Compulife Quote Engine     Yes **
Forms Library for Applications.     Yes **
Additional Personal & Policy Data Screens     Yes
Commission Tracking (Learn More)     Yes
Free Import of Old Database     Yes
Ordering Paramed Exams and Receive Status (Learn More)     Yes

* Basic Customizations may be done at no cost
** Must be a Compulife Subscriber

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