Calendar & Follow Up Alerts

For each lead or client in VAM dB you can add follow ups that will appear on your calendar. You can view all your follow ups on your daily, weekly or monthly calendar or from the Follow Up list which provides more details and an easy page to work from. There are multiple options to alert you to an important follow up. You can receive an email prior to the follow up at a time you select, or be alerted inside VAM dB. If you have the phone and text integration you can also have VAM dB trigger a call to a number you select and then connect you to the client at the appropriate time.

Never miss an important follow up with VAM dB. Keeping a follow up on all active cases make sure they will not fall through the cracks, allowing you to work from your follow up list daily. However we all get busy and there are calls and appointments we can't afford to miss, with the calendar alerts you can be sure you see what's important and get reminded in time.