Insurance CRM. Contact & Sales Management


VAM dB is a CRM - Customer Relationship Manager or Contact Management or Sales Management software, it can be referred to by many names. What it is, is the center point of your office! It is what stores all your leads and clients, their contact data, how they came to you, what they were/are interested in or purchased from you. Plus all the notes, follow ups and other items attached to them.

Insurance is a contact business. Most times it will take an agent more than a call or two to sell a lead and VAM dB can help you get to the lead at the right time to make the sale. For some clients with health issues they may not purchase now, but may be a good candidate six months to a year from now. Being able to enter and save their information and then be able to contact them again at the right time can help lead to more sales. Building an inventory of leads you have spoken to is very valuable if used properly. So while always working your new leads, your inventory or pipeline keeps feeding you prospects and clients who need to be contacted again.

With the CRM feature in VAM dB you have all your lead's and client's data in one place. Easy to find and search, access from anywhere, VAM dB will help save you time and money, making you more efficient and profitable.

Contact Management

VAM dB stores all your client data and will be the center point of your office. All lead and client data and files stored in one place, accessible from anywhere so what you need is always at your fingertips. VAM db will help you improve customer support and office efficiency leading to improved profitability.