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Our History

Working with life insurance agents in the late '90s we realized there wasn't an effective management tool to track their leads through the sales process, and determine success of campaigns and agents. This was especially true of multi-office agencies where getting real-time updates wasn't available. With life insurance sales process taking time agents and administrators would have a hard time knowing the success of a lead campaign. Therefore we developed a web based solution for life insurance agents to track their leads and clients. Whether there were agents in multiple offices or just one agent working from the office and at home, now they could see all data in real time from anywhere. In 2000 we released VAM dB for life insurance agents and since then we have made it available for all types of insurance.

Our Goals

From day one we knew each office would do things a bit differently, so rather than creating a "system" they would have to use or bend to fit their needs... we embraced each unique need. VAM dB was designed to be extremely flexible. Other crm systems have user defined fields, this makes it very hard sometimes to remember what User Defined Field #1 is. With VAM dB we do all the customizations for you, so every field is named correctly and available where you need it. Whether you need just a field or two added, something else visible in search results or reports, different import or export options, agent hierarchy or commission payouts, VAM dB has the experience and expertise to help take your idea, sometimes help improve it, and implement it quickly. The best part many customizations can be done at no cost. Larger requests may have additional fees, but we will always discuss this with you ahead of time so there are no surprises.

Our goal is to provide you with an excellent product with great support. We will not use flash and tricks to sell our product, instead we strive to offer a simple to use and understand product that is as powerful as anything out there. We offer our free version as the starting point for all agents to get in, see and use VAM dB allowing you to upgrade from there. No sales pressure or fancy designs trying to sell the look of the system instead of the function.

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