Term Life Insurance Quotes on your Website

In addition to having the life insurance quote engine available for you inside VAM dB, you can also purchase quotes for the consumers on your website. Consumers will be able to enter their information and view quotes, then request an application or more information. You have the option to ask for their name, phone and email when they first run the quote or to allow them to run the quotes without submitting their personal information. If you do the data submitted will be sent into your VAM dB account creating a new lead. All requests for an application will also be sent to VAM dB creating a new lead. You can also choose to receive these via email. Inside VAM dB you will be able to select the companies that are quoted on your website.

Does the consumer leave my website? What do the quotes look like? These are the two most common questions. First, we provide you 4 files to integrate into your website, so consumer never leaves your site. The files we provide are just for the forms and quotes themselves, you have complete control over the html layout so they can look however you want! If you need help with the styling or incorporating tem into your website we can help with the initial setup. There are a couple of default layouts for the quote results, but any way you have seen quotes laid out before is possible. We provide the data of the quote including the company, product, rate class, and premium. The A.M. Best ratings are not available. The biggest advantage of the quotes we provide is that you have control. You choose what questions are asked initially, what questions are asked after they see the quotes. You can make it short and simple or you can add steps and questions to the process - and all data will be sent to VAM dB and into the client record.

If you use one of the paid versions of VAM dB, the quotes for your website are just $99 a year. If you want to purchase the quotes separately it is $249 a year. In either case you must also be a subscriber of Compulife's ® pc software.

We are an authorized reseller of Compulife ®.Learn more about Compulife here.