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How can you be more profitable today? Easy, close more cases. The simple answer isn't as easy to do but with VAM dB you can make it easier. How can you better manage your business and daily workflow? What if you could save time each day while better serving your clients? This would free more time to close more sales and increase sales percentages of the cases you are working. For a life insurance agent the more tools and resources you have at your fingertips the more profitable you will be.

Your day is filled with people needing things from you. An application needs to be resent, someone wants status on a case, while another person wants to discuss the difference in two life insurance companies quotes. If you need to be searching the office and file cabinets for the answers you are wasting valuable time, yours and the clients. VAM dB is the central point for everything in your office, you never need to move from your desk. But what happens when you forget to resend the application before you leave the office? VAM dB can alert you at a time you select of activities, calls, meeting etc so you don't forget. Even better being a web based database you can login at home an email the application from there in seconds!

What about being able to get status and reports for yourself. "I need a list of all cases in underwriting over 60 days right now." Done. "I need a list of all clients the examiner cannot get ahold of to schedule their paramed exam." Done. "A list of active cases that haven't been worked in 14 days." Done. These are just a few of the many reports available at your fingertips. Too busy to run the reports yourself? VAM dB can run them for you and email you nice neat summaries of the reports important to you!

Keep in better touch with clients during the sales process and beyond. Use the automated email in VAM dB to keep in touch. Remind clients to return their apps or delivery requirements. Let them know you received their application back or that even during the underwriting process you are on top of their case. Wish them a Happy Birthday or Happy Holidays. Yearly policy reviews, monthly newsletters and much more can keep you closer to your clients and those who didn't buy from you. In a timing business six months or a year from now that person who didn't buy may be ready to now or their health situation may have improved to where they can receive more favorable rates. Make sure your name is in front of them when the time is right. With VAM dB's automation you won't even have to lift a finger to do it.

What about the other side of being profitable? We've seen the increase revenue side, now let's cut some expenses. Where do you get your best sales from? The most important question: is where you think they come from accurate? With VAM dB you will know right away. Are the biggest sales always the best? Maybe not. If you sell a smaller percentage of them the profit may actually be the same while forcing you to work more cases to get the same thing accomplished. How fast are they being placed? Are they kicking the tires before they buy or are they motivated buyers from day one? What part of the country gives you the best sales? Maybe that struggling source of leads just isn't properly focused. All of these things factor into finding the right leads to turn into sales and there is no way to give an easy answer without looking at each area. Without a system in place it is near impossible for anyone to determine this, yet VAM dB will put the truth in front of you. Emotion can confuse things and life insurance takes time to sell. What looks good in the beginning isn't always the most profitable at the end. Take the emotion out of it, the numbers don't lie. Look at historical trends to find out what will happen next. Another step in this area is monitoring employees or agents. Seeing who is doing more than others, who is behind in calls, who can't handle the volume that is assigned to them and needs help. You can know the answers before they do. Manage your resources to the fullest, money and man hours to get the biggest return.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, let VAM dB help make your office more efficient and more profitable today. It isn't an expense but a new source of revenues and profits just waiting to go to work for you.

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